36+This Stunning All-White Kitchen Renovation Was Totally Worth the $100K

If we somehow managed to compute the rooms where we invest the most energy (when we’re not dozing), we’d need to state it’s the kitchen. This is the place we set up day by day ceremonies, cook nourishment for our friends and family, and gain extraordinary experiences with loved ones at evening gatherings. It’s the core of the home which is as it should be. So it bodes well this is additionally the primary spot the vast majority of us need to redesign when we purchase a home.


This is actually what Lindsey Brook of Lindsey Brooke Design was entrusted with when her customers needed to open up the kitchen in their one-story customary track home in Agoura Hills, California. Brooke enrolled the assistance of McMaster and Hill development to see out her vision for the cutting edge farm style remodel and we’re completely stricken with the final product.

Brooke imbued her California easygoing stylish with a fly of shading. She set about opening up the space, according to the brief, to transform four little rooms into one principle room. The entire remodel including materials, work and configuration expenses was around $100,000. Peruse on to hear how she did it alongside certain difficulties en route.

Brooke needed to make an open space and keep it exceptionally great however with in vogue components. She additionally needed to incorporate progressively natural and unbiased tones. “We began with picking a very coated looking tram tile that had a ton of development to it,” she lets me know. “We realized we needed to create an impression by having it stretch out as far as possible up to the roof.”

By opening up the room, it multiplied the size of the kitchen. This likewise implied they required an alternate strategy for the cupboards. In the event that they went with upper cupboards, it would have resembled a major kitchen loaded with cupboards. Along these lines, they chose to exclude upper cupboards out and out and rather, picked open racking to include visual intrigue and warmth with the normal wood tints.

In the wake of introducing the monstrous 12-foot island, Brooke realized the counters should have been similarly as uncommon. They picked a Calcutta gold quartz for style and solidness. “To finish it off, we completed a cascade edge so it would be the principal thing you see when you strolled into the house,” she clarifies.